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Website Designing Company Romania Website Design Company Romania Website Designing Company Romania
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Website Designing Company Romania
Website Designing Company Romania
Website Designing Company Romania Website Designing Company Romania
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Website Designing Company Romania
Web Design Company Romania Portfolio Website Designing Company Romania
Website Designing Company Romania
Website Designing Company Romania Jacky Doneddu
General Manager NIVAC France
I just saw the Nivac Website. I was sure of it...
Website Designing Company Romania
Website Designing Company Romania
Website Development Company Romania
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Being founded on principles embodied by modern software development methodologies, Datagram's process effectively accommodates the dynamic pace and scope of today's software projects. Datagram has been, since its first day, dedicated to defining projects through comprehensive functional and technical specifications. Anyway, we realize the importance of keeping the right balance between the competing demands of a rigorous process and the present day software scenario. Our process is focused on making the right product using the right technologies. The product has to be delivered on time and on budget. Therefore to ensure the timely and quality delivery for 100% client satisfaction we implement the following:

The Sequencing of the process
We adopt a proven, repeatable approach in order to manage the lifecycle of the complete project, which includes the next sequences:

Capture of requirements: Our methods and solutions are based on a comprehensive requirements capture process. We integrate appropriate web technology to get to the development goals, and we plan based on the result obtained in the process of capturing the requirements

Business case studies
We at Datagram fulfill a wide range of requirements for your business - from helping you evaluate software and Internet initiatives to recommending those that have the biggest impact on your company's bottom line and performance. We have put together a series of case studies to understand how some of the clients are taking advantage from the web technology developed and/or designed by us.

We provide with prior estimates, in order to assist you in collecting and writing out the information you need.

User interface proposals
We perform testing in user interface in multimple iterations to check execution and make revisions of the prototypes.

Staged development
Risk and change management control procedures
Checking & Quality Tests & Implementation

Prototypes & Staged Deliveries
We define deliverables in terms of prototype, phases or stages in order to identify risks and constraints early on and based on those we are able to plan and implement counter measures with greater success. We keep on posting the small releases regularly during the project on our extranet. The functionality is developed and delivered in stages thus ensuring that the most important function is delivered at the earliest momemt. This reduces the possibility of estimation errors and enhances the project visibility. This way, the client is able to see the project progresses and provide feedbacks.

Weekly Status Reports
After the end of every week, we send a Status Report to our clients telling them about:

  • The activities which were planned for the last week
  • The activities actually performed in the last week
  • The activities planned for the next week
  • Issues, if any
  • Changes to Stage Schedule, and reasons for the same Overall Project Status

Comprehensive Bug Management
Bugs are, in our methodology, part of the solution development process. We use a bug-tracking process, which leads to:

  • Streamlined software development and maintenance
  • Updated information about the status of all bugs
  • Full control over the work flow
  • History of work that was done on each bug or enhancement being always a click away
  • A complete solution that enables users to input and track new bugs and problems in general

Knowledge Management System
We are using the power of Knowledge Management and we implement it in our technical department to ensure that we solve a problem not more than once. This dramatically reduces the time of solving some of the most common, but complex problems. We do the phase-wide version controlling as well.

Project lifecycle
In the entire project lifecycle, we use tools which facilitate or efficiently document the following activities:

  • Project Management and Planning (PMP)
  • Configuration Management (CM) & Version Controlling
  • System Architecture Design
  • Automated Testing
  • Bug Management

Quality Assurance
The management of the quality process is unlimited, and marked only by milestones, never by completion. We implement the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) process that addresses the quality assurance needs at every stage of the development cycle. Our QA team has prepared a focused quality control checklist. We also have a comprehensive Quality Testing Checklist, which ensures that every solution delivered by us measures up to the highest possible international standards.

Our Testing and QA process includes:

  • Test Planning
  • Test Cases and Test Scripts creation
  • Automated and Manual Functional Testing
  • Test Results Reporting
  • Performance Testing
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Datagram is offering website designing services to different companies globally and is now a trusted website design partner as a leading web design company. Using our website designing efficiency and thorough website branding services, we offer customized web design for your business that helps it in achieving objectives with that website. Our website design methods covers a complete brand study & positioning, offering the best value that can be obtained for your web designing initiative. As a website development company we always concentrate on showcasing your business in its perspective and have found that the best approach is to have a web site that is simple, that loads fastly and is easy to navigate, providing the right information to visitors. In time we have established a high standard in the domain of web designing.   put together in time a group of talented web application development technicals that see each Internet application development project as necessary stage for reaching out to an audience. Insisting on an mix of tactical positioning for intranet / web application development, technology deployment for web development, absorbing content of web application development, design structure of the web application development and above all the application development itself, which ensures the most comprehensive and engaging online experience. We have an extensive exposure on web portal designing, system planning for the web portal and web portal development. Datagram work in the same time as web project outsourcing Romanian partner for top global companies in web portal designing and web portal development.   Using the new technology of optimizing a website for search engines as the most aggressive online marketing tool, SEO Services the companies initiatives have much more chances to succeed. Beginning with choosing the correct and optimal keywords and ending with obtaining the top 10 ranking on Google and on other major search engines, the Datagram's SEO service optimize the website for reaching the top 10 ranking slot on major search engines. Datagram (SEO Company Romania) is very focused in terms of meeting this important objective. After the moment when our Website Designing Company Romania have provided you with top 10 search engine ranking we send you weekly or monthly reports to assist tracking the search engine ranking and visitor behavior. This search engine ranking report makes possible to verify the efficiency of search engine ranking strategy and move focus to the areas that need additional effort.
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Website Designing Company Romania
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